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Located only blocks away from the Ottawa Courthouse, and minutes away from the new light rail on foot, my Firm offers clients a personal approach to the practice of law.   

Since founding my Firm in 2014, I have been assisting clients with their civil disputes (Small Claims Court and the Superior Court of Justice), with their family law matters (ranging from divorces to adoptions, and with a growing focus on fertility law), with their estate planning needs, and helping bring families together through my immigration services.  

Firm's Vision

  • Established relations with a broad network of professionals


I have established relations with a broad network of senior colleagues in family law, civil litigation, wills & estate planning, and immigration law. By leveraging this network of professionals with my strong research skills and analytical capability, I am able to provide high-quality legal services in a small, client-focused firm.


  • Candid communication


Whether this is the first time you are hiring a lawyer, or you have had years of experience dealing with lawyers, it can be overwhelming to navigate our court system or understand a specific legal matter.  My goal is to guide on this journey and ensure that you not only understand what is happening but also feel at ease (or at least as much as possible).  My candid approach to explaining matters, and my upfront - no beating around the bush - communication style is aimed at achieving this goal.  Never feel embarrassed to ask me a question. 

  • Ethically ambitious lawyer


Being an ethically ambitious lawyer, means much more than just being "ethical".  It requires continual assessment and reassessment of one's ethics, with the goal of improving and strengthening one's ethics and professionalism.  It requires one to be vigilant to never settle for what is easiest or to let your convictions slide.  Trust, honesty, and confidence are qualities that you can expect from me as your advocate.  

  • Community focused


In both my professional life and my personal life, I make an effort to support various communities.  Each year I collect and donate Christmas gifts for foster children through the Elgin Street Courthouse Angel Program each year,  I provide a free legal information clinic for LGBT youth here in Ottawa, and I offer reduced rates for wills and estate planning for people living with HIV/AIDS.  I have been a regular participant in the Canadian Cancer Society's Free Will Month, and a member of the Canadian Free Wills Network since 2018.  In my personal life, I am a member of an organization that sponsored the resettlement of a gay refugee here in Ottawa, and I raise money for Multiple Sclerosis through participating in the annual MS Bike Ride from Ottawa to Cornwall.  I am also sit on the board of directors for the Chœur gai d’Ottawa Gay Men's Chorus.

  • Firm's Statement of Principles

Ontario is a diverse province. Despite the incredible progress we have made as a society, there still remains barriers to an inclusive society, created by racisms, sexism, ageism, heterosexism, and other forms of discrimination - sometimes this is overt, but in many other occasions it is the result of "unconscious bias".   I recognize that , as a member of the Law Society of Ontario,  I have a role to play in protecting the dignity of all individuals and to respect Ontario human  rights laws. My Firm strives to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion towards colleagues, clients, and the public.​

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