Adoptions and Fertility Law

Ready to start a family?  Are you considering to adopt a child, of have your own child through sperm or egg donation?  I can assist in preparing the necessary court forms or contracts for you.


Ontario recently passed new legislation, called All Families Are Equal Act, which finally legalized sperm donor and egg donor agreements (called "pre-conception parentage agreements") and surrogacy agreements.  The new law allows for up to 4 parents (in most cases) to be listed  on the birth certificate!   Note: At present, I do not do surrogacy agreements, but I can refer you to excellence fertility lawyers in Ottawa.

Family Court Services


I can represent you in your family court application for:

  • Adoption application; and

  • Declaration of parentage application.


Legal Drafting Services


I also provide the following legal drafting services for:

  • Donor agreements (sperm and egg); and

  • Independent Legal Advice (ILA) for donor agreements.

Reminder:  As you begin to build your family, you should make sure that your Wills are updated, and that you have made provisions for your children in your Wills, specifically, a guardianship clause.  Under the Children's Law Reform Act, a guardian appointed in a Will is valid for 90 days, during that time it is very important for the guardian of your children to file a custody application with the Court.

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