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Trans ID Clinic

Kind Space, a local not-for-profit organization helping people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions in the Ottawa region, has launched a Trans ID Clinic. The clinic is in partnership with the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, that is providing law students to staff the clinic, and is one of Pro Bono Students Canada's programs for this 2021-2022 academic year..

James Anderson, Barrister & Solicitor, is volunteering as the supervising lawyer for the law students, and offering his services as a guarantor (e.g. to confirm someone has lived in Ontario for at least 12 months) and commissioner of oaths (e.g., to swear the Statutory Declarations) free of charge.

The Clinic meets in a mixed virtual/in-person setting, to provide information on changing one's legal name and sex designation. Once those primary documents have been changed (i.e., once you've received the Change of Name Certificate and a new Birth Certificate), then we can provide guidance on how to go about updating all of the other important documents, such as a driver's licence, health card, SIN, passport, etc.

The process may seem daunting, but the Clinic in here to help make it a smooth and manageable as possible.

For more information about the Trans ID Clinic, please visit Kind Spaces' website:

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