Civil Litigation

When a person wrongs another person, and it is not a criminal matter, there are several civil remedies available.  Going to court is an option, but it is costly, and less than 1 in 10 cases proceed to a trial.  Instead, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which includes negotiating and mediation, can often resolve an issue quickly and cost effectively.  In fact, having a lawyer write a demand letter can often gets the result you want.  

Court, however, is still available if ADR fails.  In that case, it is my goal to help you navigate the court system and to make the complex process as simple and straightforward as possible, to achieve the best results for you.


As a civil litigator and trial lawyer here in Ottawa, I can commence an action/application for you or defend a claim against you at any level of court in Ontario:

  • Superior Court

  • Small Claims Court

  • Divisional Court

  • Ontario Court of Appeal

  • Federal Court

My civil litigation practice primarily involves:​

  • debt collection (e.g., promissory notes)

  • defamation, slander and libel

  • breach of contract

  • negligence

  • animal law

  • invasion of privacy

  • commercial and residential tenancies; and

  • enforcement of orders

  • private mortgage enforcement

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Client Reviews:

Bob McKinley, Manotick, Dec. 17, 2014

"James' service for me was excellent!  He is thorough, hard working and well prepared.  His fees are extremely fair.   

I would have no hesitation in going back, should the need arise."

Carole Morin-Lavigne, Nepean, Dec. 18, 2014

"The first time I met Mr. Anderson right away he made me feel at ease.  It was very easy to talk with him about my case and the patience that he had to explain every questions that I asked never once making them sound useless. His work was great and a success."

Maria Wisniowski., Ottawa, Jun. 7, 2016

"James researches legal matters very thoroughly seeking advice from more experienced lawyers if necessary, explained the subject matter in terms that the client can understand, makes informed and useful suggestions, has a very pleasant communication style and won our case for us.  All in all, excellent value! "

Daniela C., Ottawa, Jun. 15, 2017

"James is an amazing listener, offered practical advice, knowledgeable, and paid attention to details.  He accommodated buy requests of meeting after the usually work hours.  Excellent representation!  Thank you James."

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