Divorce and Family Law

Family law encompasses a wide range of situations - from happy times, such as step-parent adoption applications, to very tough times, such as heated divorce applications.  Often these cases are filled with emotions and complicated family history.  As a divorce lawyer here in Ottawa, I am acutely aware of this, and I will strive to help you reach an optimal result.  Clients should also be aware that, in contested divorce cases, your family assets are often being used to pay for two separate divorce lawyers.  I will try to minimize your costs and encourage a resolution that balances your financial interests with your emotional interests and need for closure.


Family Court Services


I can represent you in your family court application for:

  • a simple or joint divorce;

  • child custody and access; 

  • spousal support and child support;

  • property division and equalization;

  • to change a final order (usually about support and issues surrounding custody/access);  and

  • divorce applications under the Civil Marriages Act (for same-sex couples married in Ontario but living outside Canada in a country that does not recognize their marriage).


Legal Drafting Services


I also provide the following legal drafting services for domestic contracts:

  • marriage contracts, (commonly known as prenuptial agreements, but they can be post-nuptial as well); 

  • cohabitation agreements (for common-law partners);

  • separation agreements;

  • variation agreements; and

  • Independent Legal Advice (ILA) for any domestic contract.

Even though ILA costs money, and most people are trying to keep their costs down, it is extremely important for both sides to have legal representation or ILA.  This helps reduce the chances that your agreement will be challenged in Court in the future.  Think of it as "insurance"; no one likes paying for it, but they are sure glad they did when they need to rely on it.

Legal Opinions on Foreign Divorces

Want to get re-married, but you were divorced outside Canada?

In order to get a marriage license, you will need a legal opinion on the recognition of your foreign divorce.  This is a service that I routinely provide.  I require a original or certified copy of the foreign divorce order, and supporting documents that prove where you (or your ex) lived during the 12 months before filing your divorce application.  There are other grounds to recognize a foreign divorce, which we can discuss if your situation does not satisfy the 12-month residency test.  

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Client Reviews:

Nathalie B., Ottawa, Feb. 14, 2017

"James was always polite, very knowledgeable trustworthy, easy to reach by email and very patient."

Elaine C., Ottawa, Mar. 06, 2017

"James Anderson was efficient and to the point.  Timeliness was great! He understood our needs and requirements.  He listened and was very clear in his guidance and what was expected.  I received my letter within 3 weeks and we are to be married this week!  Thank you for the help!."

Marie R., Ottawa, Jul. 03., 2018

"James is warm, friendly, accessible, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and in spires confidence in his abilities."

Jeff G., Ottawa, Jan. 23., 2019

"Highly professional and ethical; applied a straightforward and consistent legal strategy which was ultimately successful."

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