Immigration Law

Canada is a mosaic of cultures, and this country is truly enriched by our open immigration and refugee protection policies.   


Immigration Litigation


The primary focus of my immigration practice is litigation, including:


  • appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) or the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB); and

  • Judicial reviews before the Federal Court. 


Examples of matters that go to the IAD include appealing a a finding of ineligibility to sponsors someone under the family class, appealing a removal order, and appealing a loss of permanent residences status.


I also offer my legal research services to other immigration lawyers.



Immigration and Citizenship Applications


I also represent clients with their immigration applications to Canada.

The level of my involvement can vary:  

  • a one time consultation,

  • provide ongoing legal advice (on an "as needed" basis), or

  • full representation.

My focus is on family reunification through IRCC's family sponsorship programs (e.g.,  spousal sponsorships, and parent & grandparent sponsorships) as well as assisting clients make their temporary stay permanent through IRCC's Express Entry system (e.g., Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Workers Class and the Provincial Nominee Class). 

For complex cases here in Ottawa, such as those with known inadmissibility issues, I would recommend contacting Ronalee Carey.

I can also assist you with your citizenship application, or provide you with a legal opinion on your eligibility for Canadian citizenship.


For more information regarding Immigration and Citizenship Law:

Client Reviews:

Khoe Nguyen, Ottawa, Mar. 30, 2018

"James is very organized in preparing for the case.  James listed all details about the charges of what he did for the client.  He is always be there for the answers to the questions that may be arisen.  He is well prepared and always professional."

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