Notarial Services

Documents that need to be sworn, affirmed or declared can be notarized or commissioned.   The following is a list of examples of the types of documents that I can notarize or commission for you:

  • Affidavits and statutory declarations

  • Consent letters for children travelling abroad

  • Marital status/common-law union statutory declarations

  • Acknowledgements

  • Application forms

  • Invitation letters

  • Proof of loss forms

Documents that need to be certified as being true genuine copies of an original are notarized.   Some examples of the types of documents that I can notarize for you are:
  • Copies of driver's licenses

  • Copies of passports

  • Copies of diplomas

  • Copies of university/college transcripts

  • Copies of birth certificates

  • Copies of marriage certificates

  • Copies of death certificates

  • Copies of powers of attorney

I also notarize signatures as genuine.


  • $40 to notarize a document as being a true genuine copy of an original.

  • $15 for each extra document.



  • $30 to commission the first document.

  • $10 for each extra document.

  • My regular hourly rate, if you require me to draft your affidavits or other documents (commissioning is included free of charge).


For more information regarding Notarial Services:

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