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Notarial Services

Documents that need to be sworn, affirmed or declared can be notarized or commissioned.  For example, I can notarize or commission:

  • Affidavits and statutory declarations

  • Consent letters for children travelling abroad

  • Marital status/common-law union statutory declarations

  • Acknowledgements

  • Application forms

  • Invitation letters

  • Proof of loss forms

Documents that need to be certified as being true genuine copies of an original are notarized.  The following are examples of the types of documents that I can notarize for you are:
  • Copies of driver's licenses

  • Copies of passports

  • Copies of diplomas

  • Copies of university/college transcripts

  • Copies of birth certificates

  • Copies of marriage certificates

  • Copies of death certificates

  • Copies of powers of attorney

I also notarize signatures as genuine.
If your notarized documents are for use outside of Canada, they may need to be "legalized" through a 2-step process.  First,  Global Affairs Canada authenticates my notarial seal with their own stamp, and then the documents are sent to the appropriate Embassy or High Commission for their stamp.
For more information regarding Notarial Services:


  • $40 to notarize a document as being a true genuine copy of an original.

  • $15 for each extra document.



  • $30 to commission the first document.

  • $10 for each extra document.

  • My regular hourly rate, if you require me to draft your affidavits or other documents (commissioning is included).


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