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Please book an appointment with the LGBT legal clinic:

LGBT Legal Information Clinic 

I offer short (30 minutes), free, and confidential consultations with LGBT youth in Ottawa, that need information about topics such as:

  • family law (e.g., if your parents are separating and you would like to understand the law);

  • step-parent adoption;

  • employment law (e.g., what are your rights to minimum wage, vacation pay, overtime, etc);

  • landlord & tenant law (how can my landlord evict me?); 

  • how to change your name?;

  • estate law (did someone in your family recently pass away and you want to understand what happens next?);

The purpose of this free clinic is to provide general information. If you feel you need proper legal representation, we can discuss fees and how my firm can best support you.

I also offer free notarizing or commissioning to LGBT youth.

Please note that this is not a walk-in clinic; contact me for an appointment. 

Reduced Rates for People Living with HIV/AIDS:
Reduced Rates, Wills, Estate planning, HIV/AIDS, Power of attorney, personal care, property, POA, living will, Estate Trustee, estate administration, probate, Ottawa

I have been very involved in the HIV/AIDS community, both locally and internationally, and wish to offer my Wills and Estate Planning services at reduced rates to people living with HIV and AIDS.  As an wills lawyer here in Ottawa, I recommend that everyone, especially those with serious medical conditions, have their wills and powers of attorneys in order.  


The Power of Attorney for Personal Care, allows a substitute decision maker to be your voice and advocate for making quality of life and medical decisions for you, if and when needed.  Often couples appoint each other, but single individuals may want to have a conversation with a close friend or family member, to see if he or she would feel comfortable being their Attorney for Personal Care.  

Elgin Street Courthouse Angel Program

Every year, my firm hosts a holiday party and collects donations from the community for foster children.  This is part of the Elgin Street Courthouse Angel Program, that provides gifts to children of all ages ( babies, toddlers, school age children, and teens) who are being cared for by generous families in the Ottawa region (through the Children's Aid Society).  These gifts help foster parents give the children in their care a happy surprise during the holiday season. 


Gifts collected in December 2018